Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft Azure

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Microsoft is one of the leading companies in the software market. They are at the leading edge of modern technological advancements. The Azure platform is one of Microsoft’s most important products. It was created by Microsoft to build and deploy applications through its extensive network of data centers around the globe. Azure was originally released as Windows Azure, though it wasn’t long before Microsoft realized that the platform had nothing in common with Windows. In 2014, the company changed the name of the platform to Microsoft Azure.

According to Microsoft, the Azure platform currently offers a plethora of various services, the approximately number being slightly over 600. It can be used for virtual machines, thus allowing users to deploy standard virtual machines that are running Linux or Microsoft Windows. Apart from that, the platform can also be used for developing, beta-testing, and distributing mobile applications through its HockeyApp. The Mobile Engagement feature built into the platform can be used for collecting real time data from mobile users, which can be analyzed later on and can be used for sending push notifications directly to mobile devices.

Data Management through Azure

The Microsoft Azure platform makes data management tremendously easy. The platform contains a simplified text search system and also contains several other tools, such as the Redis Cache, DocumentDB, SQL Database, and the SQL Data Warehouse that can be used to manage data with efficiency and ease. Aside from this, the platform also allows you to remain constantly in touch with other users. The service oriented structure of Azure gives you the option of messaging and sharing details with other users. There’s the Event Hubs feature, Topics, Relays and Queues, all of which can be integrated into your working environment to offer greater connectivity through the Windows Azure platform.

The Azure platform is widely used in this day and age by hundreds of thousands of companies around the globe. It’s a cloud based service platform, that offers a plethora of different features that can be used by companies in order to offer a better overall product and to streamline operations.


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